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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 25, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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arizona police arrest someone for any reason whatsoever, jaywalking, bank robbery, anything, they must check the immigration status of that person. they said that's the closest fit with federal law, because a federal center that does nhing but respond to local police around the country about whether someone is here illegally or not. it was before the court on a theoretical challenge. what if this goes into effect, and would it violate the constitution? the court says no. that leaves the door open for someone to come back with another lawsuit, as applied to these people it does. the supreme court is saying let's see how it works and come back if you have a problem with it. i said earlier thomas there are other lawsuits against this law, several civil liberties units suing in arizona claiming this law is racial profiling and those cases have to work through
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the courts. >> pete, thanks so much. we want to get reaction this morning from the white house. kristen welker joins us now. >> reporter: i have reached out to the white house and romney campaign, and we're still awaiting reaction from both. they're drafting their response to this, but both sides will likely claim this as a victory to some extent. the political implications will be interesting. we'll have to wait and e. a lot of political analysts think this could reinvigorate part of president obama's base, specifically latinos. remember, they were recently reinvigorated after president obama announced his administration would grant amnesty to about 800,000 young adults bought here illegally as children. that is important, because this is a community that has expressed frustration with the president, that has said the deportation rate is far tie high under this administration, the unemployment rate is far too high. to reinvigorate this community could make a big difference in
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some key swing states. mitt romney will claim this is a victory as well and say that to some extent the obama administration is in contrast or opposed to the supreme court on this matter. so, of course, we're awaiting reaction from mitt romney. what will be interesting to see is what it does to voter turnout in some key states like colorado, like nevada, like arizona. a lot of people think this could put arizona back in place again. remember, president obama lost arizona to john mccain in 2008. if this does, in fact, reinvigorate a lot of latinos it to turn out in force, it could make a difference in key swing states. this entire week will have a big impact on the 2012 race. it's not just this decision, but of course health care. but, thomas, political analysts say it's still the economy that will be the key issue in this election. thomas. >> kristen welker reports from the white house. thanks so much. we'll hear from the president on the campaign trail this
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afternoon. we'll have those remarks from new hampshire live right here in the 2:00 hour on msnbc. i want to go ahead and bring back pete williams. real kwingly, because we have a decision about when we will hear from the supreme court about the affordable health care act. >> reporter: right. we know that decision will come down thursday. that's the last day of the term. there are, i guess, four cases left, and that's the biggy. i should point out briefly, thomas, another big, important decision here today from the supreme court, it struck down state laws that provide a mandatory death sentence for juveniles who commit murder when they're under the age of 16. that's an important ruling as well. >> all right, pete. thanks so much. we'll let you go. i want to bring into the conversation dr. victoria soto, and she was a visiting scholar at the university of texas in austin. it's good to have you here. what's yue big reaction, the headline you see coming out of this with the supreme court ruling in striking down three out of four of the immigration
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law before it? >> well, it definitely was a big win for the administration. however, it wasn't that slam dunk they were looking for. that being said, this coming on the heels of the immigration policy shift is what the president is going to use to harness that latino vote. as we talked about, the latino vote is in key swing states like colorado, nevada, florida and arizona is coming back into play. arizona youth was very angered in 2010 by sb-1070, and the arizona youth is starting to flex its political muscle. we've seen them flex their political muscle in the streets, and what we see different organizations do is harness that power and moving towards registration drives and turnout. i think that we're going to see some interesting shifts in arizona in 2012, and also a longer term move for arizona and states that we previously wouldn't have thought were in play for democrats. >> real quickly, victoria, i want to read part of the statement by governor jan brewer we got moments ago as we started
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the show. she said in respect to sb-1070 and the what the supreme court has said that today's decision is a victory for the rule of law and the 10th amendment and all americans who believe in the right and responsibility of states to defend their citizens. it goes on to say that while grateful for this legal victory, today is an opportunity to reflect on our journey and focus on the true task ahead, the implementation and enforcement of this law in an even-hand manner that lives up to the highest ordeals as american citizens. as we talk about this showing president obama at this overwhelming level of respect within the latino community has them behind them, 66% to romn25 mitt romney. do you expect when romney lands in arizona today, do you think he'll talk about what happened with the supreme court today and what his specifics are regarding the immigration and what congress needs to do in up
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respect to how the supreme court ruled saying they're not doing their jobs? >> we are. we are going to see romney address this, and we saw is last week where he did not duck the issue of immigration. he put forward his use of immigration, not as detailed as latinos would like but he does. romney has to address the issue of illegal and legal immigration, and he is going to do that. he is, i think, if i have a chris balance here, going to point to the paralysis of congress and the fact that states like arizona need to implement these laws or feel they do is because the federal government isn't doing anything to resolve the issue of immigration. romney says he will put in place a comprehensive, full-scale immigration reform that will take the burden off of states. so i think we're going to see him say something to the effect, but not necessarily the resolution that latinos would like to see.
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>> victoria, thank you so much. we appreciate you joining us. i want to move on to the power panel and get their reaction this morning, we have perry bacon, democratic strategy incompetent richard goodstein and ail lix stord who sifshed as press secretary for rick santorum's presidential campaign. big morning as we learn this decision from the supreme court. perry, big picture, as we talk about immigration, and the topic that it is nationally, what's the immediate political fallout? >> two things. first of all, mitt romney defended this law and now that the court has struck down most of it, he has to explain to voters why this law is ruled unconstitutional to latino voters that didn't like the law. i think arizona was on the forefront of this anti-immigration law. now that the court struck it down, other states are hesitant to pat laws. it will change immigration policy more broadly as you look forward. >> alice, do you aagree that the reaction from mitt romney as he
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lands in arizona today for this fund-raiser, he needs to be swift and come out with something specific in response? >> he has spoken on this topic. i agree with governor brewer thshgs a victory for the rule of law. what we need as a result of this is we need the federal government to do its job in enforcing the current immigration law. as governor romney has said, we need a comprehensive immigration plan and long-term strategies to deal with in and not short-term stop gap measures as the president imposed recently. governor romney says we need to secure the borders first and foremost, which is critical. we need employment verification and look at the big picture. what he's also going to do is work with both sides of congress, republicans and democrats to come to a consensus and find the best way to deal with this in a long-term fashion and not short term as president obama has do to get through the election with the help of latino support. it's a long-term plan that needs to be dwon a consensus of congress. >> richard, good news or bad news for the obama
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administration today? >> you know, thomas, i have to say with all due respect to alice what we just heard and if we hear that from romney is nonsense. this is a guy who during the primary said he would be opposed and would veto the dream act. he said his answer to immigration was deportation, self-deportation, that loany notion, but deportation of all the illegal imt grants that were here. he basically -- the architect of the arizona law, most of which has been struck down now, was an adviser to him. even jan brewer saying this is a vindication. think about if romney were president, this law wouldn't have been challenged in the first place. this is a reminder to latino who has their back and who doesn't. it is crystal clear. if mitt romney thinks he can get by with gibberish further on this, i don't think after this decision today he can. >> richard, alice, perry, stick around. we'll take a quick break.
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still on the agenda, we talk about the other big decision before the high court. the president's health ce law. also jerry sandusky's criminal trial may be over, but he faces a slew of civil suits. coming up, i'll speak to an attorney of one of the accusers. also, the square that was once the site of protests filled instead with celebration. the daunting push for power that lies before egypt's new president-elect. strorm debby is unleashing a tornado. the days long threat the state faces from mother nature. thoughts about today's story? you can have them and share them with us in a conversation on twitter @thomts daroberts. we'ree early for this thing... want to hop in the back and get weird? no. family vacation... vegas. ♪ no. no. give it a big yank!
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welcome back. the supreme court ruled na three out of four of arizona's immigration law will be struck down. the upheld policy is the papers please policy in that of sb-1070. the reaction from the governor out of arizona saying that today's decision by the u.s. supreme court is a victory for the rule of law. another big supreme court decision just days away now. a ruling the on president's health care law. 56% oppose the law as a whole and it's only 61% when the individual mandate is on the chopping block. what would it mean for millions of americans? i want to bring in christine ferguson, she's professor in the school of public health and health services at george washington university. also served as commissioner in
11:15 am
the massachusetts department of public health when mitt romney was governor and also we've learned ha she's been tapped by rhode island's governor to direct the health benefits exchange in that state. congrats on the new posting, and it's great to have you with us today as we find out the supreme court will be releasing its decision on thursday. explain to us in real terms the consequences for americans already enjoying the benefits of that law starting with this outcome, the court striking down the mandate but keeps everything else. the popular provision like keeping young daumts on their parents plans. the continued coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. break down that scenario. >> if the individual mandate is struck but the rest of the law stays intact, then people will -- it's unlikely that people will see significant change that have already had some of these insurance reforms apply to them. so, for instance, the 26-year-olds being able to stay
11:16 am
on their parents' insurance, there will be a significant amount of adjustment that would have to be made and some significant negotiation with the insurance industry. i think you see some of that happen already, but the core of the bill, the ability to buy insurance, affordability, those pieces probably could move forward even if the mandate is struck down. >> christine, if we look at athe longer change, wiping the entire health care law off the books, you said before you don't think any major players in the health insurance industry want to see it overturned. explain. >> i don't think anybody wants to see it overturned because a lot of progress has been made. there are significant changes in the works, and i think that those changes are going to continue. they have to continue, because the health care system the way it's currently structured it's sustainable in the long run. prices are just not affordable,
11:17 am
and you're going to see more and more small businesses drop and people become uninsured. so i think that everybody understands that we need to move forward and continue to make the changes that we're making. the challenge would be if the bill is truck down entirely of the some of the tools to make changes like subsidies to help individuals who are middle income get into a more predictable way of buying their insurance as well as lower middle income trying to afford insurance. those kinds of things make it very, very difficult to continue with the changes that need to be made in the system. >> we're going to know what the supreme court has to say thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. thanks so much. here's the power pant now. hairy baker and richard goodstein and amt lex sorts. they have a way of spinning any outcome in their favor. for president obama does a court
11:18 am
ruling against his law just bump up on a campaign trail, or is this a political gut punch to what is the biggest legislative accomplishment? >> if the court strikes down the entire law, which we all think is unlikely, that's a blow to president obama, his supporters of, discouraged by this. mitt romney would attack him on the competence of how to push through a law unconstitutional. that's dangerous for him. i don't think that will happen. you see the court strike down parts of it and keep parts in place. that's a big thing for the president. we saw today he won on the arizona law, so if the president has won this week, it's not a catastrophic week to have two things struck down. he's in a good position for thursday ritd now. >> alice you remember from the primaries mitt romney doesn't want to talk about health care. he says repeal and replace and he moves on. as we talk about the fact and remind everyone when he was the governor of massachusetts he was for the mandate, how do you they
11:19 am
explain away -- what is so different about americans that live in massachusetts that make them so different than americans that live in all other states in this country for reasons that they shouldn't fall under a mandate? why would mitt romney and republicans be against a mandate now on a national level? >> as you know, he argued for that on the state level and never has fought for that on the federal level. to the question of whether or not this is harmful to president obama if he -- >> what makes americans who live in massachusetts different from americans with health needs and concerns in other parts of this country. why does a mandate work for americans in massachusetts but not in the other 49 state science. >> as i said, it was an issue that dealt strictly specifically on the state level. he's never argued with it on the federal level. what he does want to do when parts of it this or the entire thing is struck down when he's president, he'll immediately issue waivers to states so they don't have to fall under obama
11:20 am
care and work with both sides of congress to repeal and preplace obama care. what we need in the health care system, we need free market solutions. we need more excess xetiveness and what governor romney wants to do is allow citizens to shop across state lines to find the best prices and the best health care that suits them. that's what we need. what we will see, i believe, the supreme court will either strike down the individual mandate portion of obama care or the entire thing altogether. for president obama, who was a constitutional lawyer for his -- the keystone of his presidency to be found unconstitutional, that will be a big blow. >> richard, could a court move to strip this law actually be this political positive for the president in november? basically a rally cry to the base? >> absolutely. i don't want to see all doris kerns good win on you at this exact point, fdr had most of the new deal laws declared unconstitutional and had a landslide win. so this notion that somehow or
11:21 am
other it's this body blow because obama's constitutional professor, please. look, this will galvanize the base and remind people what change stands for, what it looks like, which is getting health care for people who are uninsured. it will basically pit obama on the side of normal people against the republican elites, whether in the supreme court or in the romney exam pain. it will make the choice that much clearer. the people who will be hurt is a long list. women who don't have mammograms and pap smears, preventive care. seniors who have to close the doughnut hole at their own expense thousands of dollars a year. people who want to start throwing businesses who can't get any health care whatsoever if they have any pre-existing conditions in their family and not employ anybody with a pre-existing condition. this talk easy answers on pre-existing conditions are phony, and if you probe them
11:22 am
whatsoever, thomas shs there's no substance to them whatsoever. >> when we talk about repeal and replace, what is the substance of replace? >> as we said, free market solutions to health care making it more competitive and to richard's point the congression congressional budget office will cost 800 job a year. employers who can't bring on new people because of the uncertainty as a result of obama care. there's a lot of collateral damage associated with obama care, and we need to look at that. repealing and replacing is the best way to go about dealing with this, if any port of it is uphold by the supreme court. >> alice, rick santorum came out with this statement in regard to the supreme court and arizona saying it's time for the federal government to step up to its constitutional responsibility to secure our borders, enforce our immigration laws fairly and to partner with states rather than sue them to accomplish this important objective.
11:23 am
so rick santorum's statement right there. i'm going to thank the panel. it's great to have you all three on, and i want to let you know we have statements coming in to us from the arizona senators of jon kyl and john mccain. i'll read those after the break and aulz charles schumer and harary reed has weighed in as well. i'll have their statements after this. the layoffs looming at one of the nation's largest defense contractors. why lockheed martin says 10% of the work force could get pink slips right before the presidential election, but neighbors already underwater and bracing for a drenches from tropical storm debby. how much rain the sunshine state could see. that's coming up, a full update right after this.
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arizona has an all-out
11:27 am
border program not just about immigration but about security. the legislature is frus freighted with reaction from the federal level. i believe arizona has a right to pass that bill. i understand why they did it, but i don't think it's a national model and i don't think other states should follow suit. i don't want to see a law like in florida. immigration is not a black or white issue or yes or no issue. it's complicated because it has a deep human elements. these are human beings who find themselves here undocumented, but the vast sa mort are here for a better leaf and tupts for their children. >> there's marco rubio from florida talking yesterday on meet of press about the impending ruling from the supreme court athat we now have. we have that ruling. we continue to stay on today's breaking news. the topic of the supreme court decision on arizona's immigration law. i want to get reaction that we've got in copies from senators jon kyl sxwrand john mccain. while they want to review the supreme court decision, today's ruling has a key component of
11:28 am
the law. the air lauz was born out of the state's frustration with the burdens that illegal immigration and continued drug smuggling imposes and an administration that chooses to set enforcement policies based on political agendas and not the laws on congress. we have this from harry reid saying the supreme court was right to strik down the vast majority of the arizona law with three out of the four provisioning being struck down it shows the obama administration was right to challenge this law, which was not just ill-advised but unconstitutional. i want to get really from congressman paul gozar from arizona. he joins us to give us his headline. what's your reaction to how the supreme court came out today to strike down three out of four parts of that law presented before nm. >> the great news is she upheld the key provision of this law stating that arizona and law enforcement has the ability to
11:29 am
check immigration status on a normal traffic stop or a law enforcement detainment. the rest of those other aspects of the three provisions just shows how poorly what we're doing in resources management in trying to get security for our border. what arizona ought to be doing is actually pursuing that we have more money and more applications to secure our boerd. >> when we talk about the fact that they're keeping up the papers please policy, again this law is not instituted as of yet, but what is the fear in arizona about the fact this will bring on racial profiling and problems with how this law is applied in a constitutional way? >> well, i think it's like anything else. when we're stopped for a speeding violation, you have to show proof of insurance on your vehicle. this is no different. we have a set of rule of law by immigration status to come into this country the proper way. it's not that we're against immigration. we just want it done the right
11:30 am
way. so this is an opportunity and a tool to allow law enforcement to do that and then to forward that on to a part of the federal government that will enforce it. >> again, they have to have reasonable suspicion. with the supreme court saying they can't make it a crime for immigrants to fail to carry i.d. that says whether they're here legally sxant make it a xrim for undocumented immigrants to apply for a job and not arrest somebody solely on suspicion that person is here in the country illegally, doesn't it take a lot of teeth away? >> i don't think so. i think what it does is the fairness of the law. what we said all along is in a normal routine detainment, whether it be a traffic stop, whether it be, you know, along those lines, law enforcement has an dashadditional tool that the look at the immigration status of an individual. i think that does support what the rule of law is. it's compassionate and proper and enforces the rule of law.
11:31 am
>> whether we talk about the supreme court ruling on the health care decision, what are you anticipating coming down from the supreme court and the reaction from the right? >> well, i think at least from my opinion -- i can't speak for anybody else, but i think the major provisions of that law will be struck down gutting it. i believe that as you know i was a health care prior sxa dentist prior to coming to congress. i believe we needed health care reform, but in a manner that was patient-centered and patient-friendly, not government-dictated. what we need to do is rebuild that working with people and having all parties involved here. that's a great way of starting. >> when we talk about the fact that, again, this has not been the law, the immigration, the arizona immigration law has not been applied, however, there are other states looking at this to see if it is something that would fly in their own states to deal with immigration issues, do you see the role model that is
11:32 am
arizona and what it mines to apply this law the lrd contentious attention that it brought to you state and now going before the supreme court. do you feel there's extra pressure on the state of arizona as it moves forward in trying to apply this law? >> well, there's always pressure because when you're a leader and i'm so proud of arizona being a leader because they're frustrated at the federal government and lack of activity and lack of concerted effort and discipline to really secure our border, and it's not just our southern border. it's our northern border and ports. that should be a national security issue. but i'm proud of them, and i think, yes, they're going to look at this as a leader and in a definitive and disciplined type of fashion. sure it may be a challenge, but i think that's what comes with being a leader, is challenging and make sure we're upholding the constitution and the immigration status of the citizens that belong in this country.
11:33 am
>> shouldn't you do that with your fellow congressman to provide the national role model status of what we should do as a country and not letting states supersede what is the american constitution in trying to reinforce their own borders themselves on their own? >> well, once again, you know, i've been a leader in trying to secure our border. i've seen this president and this administration use executive orders to bypass congress instead of working with people in a collaborative fashion. that's how you get something done. but the aspects from the administration have shown a lack of discipline and understanding of the constitution. it's a great way the federal government should start to work with states and communities to help in that aspect instead of being dick for yal with hands off and no. >> thanks for your time. still ahead, staying on top of today's breaking news, the supreme court decision about arizona's immigration law.
11:34 am
it's back. a pro-obama super-pac hitting romney once again for his time at bain capital, and the new ad taking the attack to a whole new level. the co-founder of that super-pac, bill burton, joins me coming up next. [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, this is the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. this is the next chapter for the rx and lexus. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spot on the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home.
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constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
11:37 am
bill burton is the former white house press connect now and bill it's good to have you here. your thoughts on what the supreme court's actions mean. >> this is not a good day for his campaign. if you listen to what that last congressman said on your show just now, the president was acting in a dictatorial way. it's a lot more demagoguery than leadership with the republicans.
11:38 am
mitt romney has some of the furthest ride advisers on his immigration issues. he doesn't have a plan out. he says most immigrants are here for a free deal. he's so far outside on the mean stream, the more he talks about it the worse for the campaign. >> they released a joint statement saying the ruling appears to validate a xeen noent of arizona's immigration law. it was born out of the state's frustrations with the borders it imposes on schools, hospitals, criminal justice and system and fragile desert environment and an mgs that chooses to set enforcement policies based on a political agenda and not the laws as written by congress. as you talk about demagoguery and the fact the right says they're getting dictatorial executive orders from the president and we have this coming from the supreme court, who benefits most politically owl out of this decision in who
11:39 am
does this make sense for? >> to respond to what senators kyl and mccain said, these are two senators that could be leaders on this and work with the president to get comprehensive immigration reform done. instead, there's bitter partisans and have not been willing partners on this issue. if you look at who this energizes, i think the hispanic community sees this ruling and seeing how important this election is. going out there and voting has an impact on who the president is but what kind of justices are making these decisions on the supreme court. >> let's talk specifically about the election and today's politics. you're pro-obama super-pac priority is usa action. it features a worker of telling a worker how he was laid off. he compares it to building his own coffin. it's pretty harsh. take a look. >> we were told to built a 30-foot stage and we built that 30-foot stage. a group of people walked out on that stage, and told us that the
11:40 am
plant is now closed. tus out that when we built that stage, it was building my own coffin. >> so big visual there, bill, as people think about them being asked to build that stage, something they thought was for a positive anounnouncement to fin out they were going to be let go. the obama ad caught heat for the vampire ad. does this ad open the door to vichl for drawing visuals like that? >> it shows the human consequence of the kind of decisions that mitt romney made in private industry. while his decisions were great at creating more wealth for himself and his partners, for guys like mike in that ad and donny box and pat wells the other folks in ads, it devastated their lives. while he may have done things very good for his own personal fortune, those kinds of decisions won't serve our country well. it doesn't make him a good
11:41 am
president. it makes him somebody good at creating wealth despite the consequences. >> does it mean a capitalist can't be a good president? >> i think this is a different version of capitalism that most aren't familiar with. for mitt romney if he made an investment and it did well, he made money. if he made an investment and that company went bankrupt, he still made money. no matter what he was making money off of the misfortune of these folks who unfortunately lost their jobs or their jobs got shipped overseas or they decided they wanted -- mitt romney and his partners want to liquidate the assets. you couldn't liquidate the workers. >> nice to see you this morning. thanks for your time. >> celebrations in egypt as the results of that country's historic election are announced. the challenges facing that new president-elect. bring you a report from cairo next. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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severed diplomatic ties with ir iran. in an interview, morsi said egypt's peace treaty with israel will be reviewed. now, the muslim brotherhood candidate is starting to form egypt's new government working in the office of hosni mubarak. his winning in the election was officially announced yesterday after days of delay. it was greeted by cheers from a huge crowd of muslim brotherhood supporters in tahrir square. we are live from kay re. the comments about reviewing the peace treaty with israel, that discussion comes in contrast with the comments that he made yesterday during a televised address. explain the contradictions. >> reporter: there's no doubt when it comes to the actual treaty, the muslim brotherhood and morsi say they will stay
11:46 am
committed to egypt's international obligations and they're couching the peace treaty with israel that they will not break way from the treaty. that's the more important under lying principle of the incoming foreign policy. there's the interview he game to the iranians were before the election results was playing to an audience. it's keen to keep in mind that egypt and iran have had historically strained relations and they have diplomatic relations. he was playing to that base that he wants to improve relations between twot to stabilize some of the disputes taking place in the region. he feels egypt can play a morrow bust role in trying to resolve international disputes in the region. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. we look at other stories topping the news. lockheed martin is warning of massive layoffs if $500 billion in automatic pentagon budget cuts take effect in january as kurnltly scheduled. lockheed is the pentagon's
11:47 am
largest supplier. according to reports lockheed could be forces to lay off 10% of the current work force if nears 145,000 and those pink slips go out right before election day. stocks sharply lower on concerns of a european union summit this week will do little to resolve europe's debt problems. we see red arrows with the dow jones down by 165 points. some good news, though. new home sales in may rose at the fastest pace in two years, evidence that the housing market is slowly coming back. it's crunch time for congress on the issue of student loans, interest rates on those loans double to 6.8% this saturday unless congress acts. republican and democratic lawmakers agree that the interest rates should be held steady, but they disagree on how to pay the roughly $6 billion price tag to extend the current 3.7% rate for another year. senators say in an agreement it's close.
11:48 am
torrential rain is forecast for days along the gulf coast as tropical storm debby makes landfall with deadly effect. unleashed a swarm of tornadoes over over flord on sunday night. those twisters killed one person caused widespread damage. the biggest threat is flooding with parts of floors expected to see about two feet of rain. at least 20 major wildfires are raging in half a dozen western states. worst hit is colorado where it's called the worst wildfire season in a decade. at least ten fires are burning there today. one of those fires near colorado springs exploded over the weekend forces 11,000 people to flee those flames, many in tourist areas. we'll be back with much more right after this. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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welcome back. want to keep you up to the latest surrounding breaking news from the supreme court striking down most of the provisions in the question on arizona's controversial immigration law. we're showing you mitt romney. he's due to land in arizona around 4:00 p.m. today for a
11:52 am
fund-raiser in scottsdale but has issued a statement this morning saying today's decision underscores the need for a president who will lead on this critical issue and work in a bipartisan fashion to pursue a national immigration strategy. president obama has failed to provide any leadership on immigration. this represents yet another broken promise by this president. i believe that each state has the duty and the right to secure our borders and preserve the rule of law, particularly when the federal government has failed to meet its responsibilities. as candidate obama, he promised to present an immigration plan during his first year in office but four years later, we are still waiting. that is mitt romney's reaction this morning to the supreme court. nbc capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins me now. we have more reaction, we have been hearing from senators, congressmen, from both sides of the aisle about this. they're trying to keep it in check but what does it mean as we learn more about the law moving forward, also what we have from the supreme court coming on thursday. >> reporter: well, this is one of those unusual cases where the staffers were not able to hit
11:53 am
send immediately once the supreme court ruling was announced because it was that split decision, more complicated to get the reactions. but both sides can find things that they can claim victory and both sides can express more concerns about what is still remaining in this immigration case. for example, we'll begin with arizona, where the two senators are both republicans, and they are concerned that this does not do enough to allow arizona to protect its citizens. they say it's really born out of the frustration that many in their state feel. they are pleased about the one provision which would allow someone who is suspected of being illegal to have to present paperwork that would establish their residency, but of course, as you know, the other parts were struck down. those parts are what democrats are talking about, expressing real satisfaction that the court did take out some of those controversial points. so we've got both parties looking at this from a very different lens, both parties knowing that some of the responsibility is their own to try to resolve a very complex
11:54 am
issue of immigration and so far, we've seen how it is not something that they can move on very easily. a lot of emotion, a lot of different points of view, and that's where we stand today. it is also building up to thursday, as you mentioned, when the health care law is expected to be the subject of a supreme court and that will generate a lot of energy here, too. >> kelly o'donnell, thanks so much. i appreciate it. thank you for your time. that wraps things up for me today. see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. don't go anywhere. "now with alex wagner" is here to steer us through the next hour. what's coming up? what a morning we have had. we bring you the latest analysis on the supreme court rulings today as we wait for reactions from the white house. we break down the implications. and an important figure in the immigration debate, senator marco rubio. how did he become the party's rising star? the author of another book on the senator, manuel roig-franzia
11:55 am
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with the supreme court striking down three of the four provisions in the controversial arizona immigration law this morning, the analysis has officially begun. can the white house claim victory? what happens to similar laws in the rest of the country? what are the broader implications regarding racial profiling and immigration reform and why is governor romney in arizona? it's monday, june 25th and this is "now." joining me today, one of the men who forever changed the vice presidential nominating process, msnbc political analyst and national affairs editor for "new york" magazine, john heilemann. nbc's chief legal correspondent and co-host of the third hour of "today," savannah guthrie. the other man who forever
11:59 am
changed the vice presidential nominating process, msnbc and "times" senior political analyst, mark halpern and heather mcghee of demos. the supreme court upheld a key provision of arizona's immigration law, saying police can check the status of an immigrant in the country illegal but the rest of the controversial law was struck down. joining us is pete williams. pete, thanks for joining us. >> you bet. a couple things about this ruling. it's 5-3, justice kegan stayed out of this. it's the court's three liberals and the chief justice, john roberts, to make the fifth vote. you mentioned the part of the law the court upheld. the court struck down three others that would make it a crime in arizona for illegal immigrants to look for work or fail to have the right papers and also struck down a provision of arizona's tough


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